all in my head

2024-06-07 パーマリンク

i think about it all the time.
it's all in my head;
piercing eyes at a bunny
rabbit, what soul left cannot
out of my vision leave

a spider clings to me
unable to shake it off
lay on a swing bureaucratic
back and forth continuously
the bunny just flops then hops

3 bunnies
3 centimetres

one crow teases another
who doesn't seem to care
it swoops down then swerves away
to just about miss--STOP. just
sorry. that i can only,

i talk about it all the time
i must inspect this house for mould
it is growing in the bathroom
sometimes i fear it could just explode
like a stupidly made electric car

3 houses
3 centimetres

gone far too far without a break
too thirsty to pick a bubble tea
the pigeon chases the one who doesn't
want them to be able to fix me
pathetic(,) chuckle in a bookshop

overwhelmed by all the writing
it's not that bad. could i want it to be?
what if it gladdens me? at least i'll know
your ssd is probably corrupted
let me take a look at it

3 asian grocery stores
3 centimetres

the skinnyverse

2024-05-11 パーマリンク


2024-05-10 パーマリンク

train wrong
train 25-minutes-late
train on too long
i just went and ate
firm and comfy taro on a bed of ice
squared in by temperamental tapioca
i split apart too easy but collapse
through fragile hills of grass jelly
making the most of the time before
it melts away into homogenous ooze


2024-04-01 パーマリンク

i don't want anybody to know me
but the loves of my life.
why should you know me?

roll for feelings
- back to when you did not care
if i even was
better that way for us both.

you never let me know
my choice of path would bother you so
why is there a right to know me?

both then and now i wish to depart
to a land where nobody knows me.

my body for me only.

2024-03-14 パーマリンク

i just feel like death
every plant i care for dies
even when watered


2024-03-11 パーマリンク






help me move a statue
in bed a pose does not bend,
it breaks, brittle,
cold enough to fend off the time
that stomps across it, alone.

help me bring this statue
from bed this pose can bend,
and rise, together,
warm enough to walk with those
who could not neglect them


2024-02-05 パーマリンク

who would know
the crow swoops down across the track
on a monday morning?
did you get the whole train?
i would have been more impressed,
but still the hint of you sparkled through the noise


2024-02-02 パーマリンク

i fell. lack
of solid wax,
having melted
i cracked.

the blank canvas gifted to me
reminded me of something new
now i miss you

bay leaves

2023-12-22 パーマリンク

the leaves in the little jar of bay leaves are running out.
there is only one left,
it is the last because it was smaller than the others.

they left in small groups of three or four,
i made sure to tear them apart as you showed me.

soon only the drawing on the lid will remain.
i will have to decide—
if i will keep it or throw it away.


2023-09-12 パーマリンク

into the earth
not a flowering plant
watching the sky
intermittent rain
forms the water of my tears
to feel from my eyes
will this year a blossom
from that rot bloom
standing in rain
only to fall soon


2023-08-09 パーマリンク

august flows too quickly
i fear i already missed it
meu coracao foi
cheio demais esse dia de saudade
mergulhei na onda sozinha
i couldn't see through it
nem sabia
i missed you when you are still there,
vem amanha

unstable bedroom

2023-07-05 パーマリンク

little shark
unstable bedroom
dead plant plant alive
desk not mine

bunny plushie follow me
come with me from screen
to screen

sisyphean task laundry elude me

candle burn away: cup for pens
keyboard wake facing a bed

what will be left here when i leave