all in my head

2024-06-07 permalink

i think about it all the time.
it's all in my head;
piercing eyes at a bunny
rabbit, what soul left cannot
out of my vision leave

a spider clings to me
unable to shake it off
lay on a swing bureaucratic
back and forth continuously
the bunny just flops then hops

3 bunnies
3 centimetres

one crow teases another
who doesn't seem to care
it swoops down then swerves away
to just about miss--STOP. just
sorry. that i can only,

i talk about it all the time
i must inspect this house for mould
it is growing in the bathroom
sometimes i fear it could just explode
like a stupidly made electric car

3 houses
3 centimetres

gone far too far without a break
too thirsty to pick a bubble tea
the pigeon chases the one who doesn't
want them to be able to fix me
pathetic(,) chuckle in a bookshop

overwhelmed by all the writing
it's not that bad. could i want it to be?
what if it gladdens me? at least i'll know
your ssd is probably corrupted
let me take a look at it

3 asian grocery stores
3 centimetres